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The Problem

Do you make music that you know artistically is strong - but for some reason doesn’t quite connect? It’s easier than ever to create music, but yet at the same time it seems harder to make it stick or gain traction. With more competition than ever, the quality of your releases is vitally important to separate yourself from everything else. Why don't people's self-recorded and mixed projects get any attention? Let's dive further into it...

Why does this happen?

It's really not that complicated - if you think about it normal people, listeners, future fans - people who aren’t musicians themselves are pretty much only used to EVER hearing real records their entire lives. Why didn't your musician friends tell you this?  They're probably making the same level of non-record quality music themselves. They can continue to do this, but YOUR music needs to be able to reasonably stand up next to commercial releases to make it onto radio, playlists or stop a potential fan hitting the skip button. The same goes for A&R, playlists, and radio programmers.  They just don't understand it, and no matter how good the song - and yes, while the song IS king the regular listener isn't in the business of seeing potential - they want to hear the finished article, a record  - NOW. Simply put - if you don’t have material that can stand up proudly next to a commercial release, don't expect amazing results.  


A huge part of the plugin market exists because people believe the next new shiny tool with help them to finally make something more like a record, and people spend millions of dollars every year chasing this dream - but no tool is going to substitute for years of experience actually working IN the industry. As cool as doing everything yourself sounds, in reality there is no way you can compete with the quality of working with professionals. Have you got 20 years to get that good, or are yet more mediocre releases in the meantime really the solution? NO. Think about it: every major release you see uses a team for that reason. Even THEY are competing. Even US engineers are competing to blow away our competition. 


Some people will even try to sell you the last part of the process - mastering as a magic bullet but to be frank, you can’t polish a turd. You can make it a 10% more shiny turd...but it’s still a turd. It'd be nice if mastering was magical, but it's not - it's the cherry on the cake. No cake? Why do I need a cherry?! 


The worst thing about all of this is you’re missing out on having musical works of art that you will be proud of for years to come. 

What We Can Do 

The good news is I can help you.


Unlike most random people calling themselves mixers you’ll come across on the internet -  I’ve actually worked with several grammy winning and multi-platinum producers, had some hits on national charts, tons of airplay, over a billion streams and most importantly regularly take the home recordings of artist like you - and help make them into records that went on to help the artists really push themselves forward.


The process is smooth  - I work with you, collaboratively to make you happy, elevate your work, and give you something to be proud of. I’m here to work with you, not be someone taking liberties with your art. There’s a revisions process to work from the initial mix to the finished versions, and when we are finished I’ll even then give you a release plan to give you a start on what to do with it next.

Case Studies

Let's look at a couple of successes. 


Irish singer Cormac was hesitant about the reality that covid made him need to radically adjust his recording process being stuck at home, so together we set about taking his home recordings to record level - and the result has gone on to get more airplay than any other release so far - including loads of national airplay - all without a label.

Formerly signed French artist Naive New Beaters did some demos they wanted to shop for a new deal, but wanted to take the best shot possible  - they sent them to me, and I elevated them which helped them ink a new deal with Capitol Records in France. 

Get The Ball Rolling

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