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The Art Of Recording

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

After some thinking, I realised that a good chunk of my mixing clients are self-recording, and I usually focus on articles that are designed to offer help to artists in general, and not go into the details of that process. I assume if you made it here, you're probably already recording music! There are dozens of courses, thousands of YouTube videos, and millions of threads on Facebook groups about practically any recording topic you could think of out there, so what’s the point of one more set of opinions?

It was my long-term intention to make a full-length ebook of information that might be useful to people who don’t have access to real-world studio experience anymore, but even with all the good intentions in the world…it’s taking forever. I have managed to put together two instalments so far, and you can grab those for FREE if you are interested:

I also realised that a lot of the people offering you advice have never even been into a real recording studio, worked on professional sessions, or even made a single real record so perhaps there is room after all for one more set of useless options based on actual experience? I definitely put in my 10,000 hours in the recording studio learning how to make records so I may as well share it with you.

Below you will find a growing list of links as I add them to articles on the art of recording, gear and all that nerdy stuff some of us enjoy so much. Maybe it will even help someone somewhere out there make better recordings that they send to me later for online mixing, or save them by buying some piece of gear the internet tells them they MUST have and have them sitting there wondering why it doesn’t change the world two months later.

If you have ANY questions, or topics you would like me to rant about please feel free to drop me a note via the contact form at any time, and at the very least I will mail you back.

Anyway, hope you'll find the below topics useful, and happy recording!

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