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Terms And Conditions

Yep, even rock & roll has fine print.

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For album projects before we start, I'll send you a proposal covering your job. which you will need to read and confirm. 

All projects are paid in advance, no exceptions. That way it doesn't matter if you take a month to get back to me after I deliver a mix, drag your heels for five months over revisions because you joined a circus, global pandemics take over planet earth ( these things have all happened)  Godzilla destroys Tokyo, or whatever other situation people come up with. The upside is you can choose the actual date your mix will be started. 

Extra Stuff
The deliverable is a stereo mix ready for mastering. If you require anything extra, that takes more time and will be charged accordingly. This includes radio edits, files for live performance, alternate versions, exports of tracks, or anything else past the job of delivering a finished stereo mix. Please note: There is no such thing as "mixed stems" due to the way the bus routing works during a normal mix  ( i.e - everything goes to buses, then also stereo bus processing which is not present on track exports) so do not expect exports to reconstruct a mix when played together under any circumstances. If you have a special stems requirement, please ask in advance and I may be able to accommodate it. 

Once your track is mixed, it will be posted on the shiny full-quality streaming revisions system. All revisions will be added by the client directly in the revisions system with time-stamped notes. It is impossible for me to keep track of multiple projects if people can send notes twelve different ways, so this allows me to stay organised and for us to ensure we are talking about the same thing at the same point on a track, and the same version. 

Number of Revisions
Once the first mix is uploaded you will have three sets of revisions. Experience tells me that 90% of tracks will be completed within the first three revisions, and this motivates less focused artists to really concentrate on the revisions process. If you have a band, or multiple interested parties, like a label for example - talk to each other first and put the revisions in at the same time. Further revisions are possible on an hourly basis.

Revisions After Mastering
Anything in life is possible as long as you have the budget. Extra revisions will be billed, and you will probably charged again for a re-run of the master by the mastering engineer. 

By engaging me to mix your project you agree to credit as follows on all physical and digital platforms, including distributor metadata,on YouTube, or other video platforms:
Mixed By Adam Whittaker at


Recording Music
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