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Want to release songs that get playlisted, radio spins, get press and gain you fans? Unlock the potential of your music with world class mixing.

Please - Let Me Help You Sound Amazing.
adam whittaker mixing engineer

Online Mixing To Help You Succeed

Who Me?

My name is Adam Whittaker, and I mix records. But really -  this is about you and your passion - your music. I get up every day and do nothing but help other people make records professionally for a living. I don't try to do five things, produce, have a side hustle, or any of that. Nope. I mix records all day, every day for people who want the best. Like you!

I started off playing and then became an engineer when I realised where my talents were. As an engineer I worked in sessions with all kinds of artists and producers, working at studios all over the world, from the smallest dives to hundreds of days at places like Rockfield - where Bohemian Rhapsody was made! I worked on sessions with Amy Winehouse, Doves, Starsailor, Kate Nash, The Damned, Julian Cope, and literally hundreds of artists and producers like John Leckie, Phil Tennant, Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi. 

Today, I mix full time from my private studio providing access to online mixing for artists all over the world. Together, so far we have achieved four platinum certifications, had national number 1's, achieved national radio airplay, had over two billion streams and sold a lot of records! Hit the button below and start the conversation. 

Please click the link to hear a selection of mixes I have done for my clients

My Music Mixing Clients Say...

Mixing Client Testamonials
Online Mixing Engineer

Why Hire A Mixing Engineer?

Be Amazing, Not Just Good

Being an artist today requires having to do 100 things. Most musicians have spent thousands of hours learning the art of songwriting, how to play instruments, to sing, how to program, rehearsing, playing shows…and now have to take care of social media, and a dozen promo related tasks as well. 


You may even have put a lot of time into recording and be pretty damn good at it! But, unless you’ve put thousands of hours into learning to mix music then you’re not doing your music or yourself any favours by trying to mix your own music to save money. You won't even get paid unless your music achieves a minimum number of streams and the truth is regular people don't WANT to listen to amateur sounding releases let down by the mix. 


Why let what could be amazing just be average after all that effort? 

You Get One First Impression

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever. You only get one chance at making a great first impression, whether that’s a potential fan skipping through the songs on a Spotify playlist or an A&R person working through the huge backlog of links in their inbox.


I hear people do pretty good mixes all the time these days, but honestly pretty good only sounds that way until it’s next to something great, at which point it’s game over. I’m here to be the person that make sure that your music stands way above average and gets you past the gatekeepers. 

Outshine The Competition

The music business is very competitive we all know, and it’s important you give yourself the best chance of success by releasing music that stands shoulder to shoulder with major label releases.  How do you do that? Hire someone who HAS worked on label releases, it’s that simple! It used to be hard and expensive, but now you can work with an engineer like me with that kind of experience easily and affordably from anywhere in the world. Many of my clients are talented producers that simply want the best and to make better records than their competition.

It's Good Business

The people who succeed in music know that no matter how important the art is, the music business is still a business.  One of the best investments you can make is in yourself: to treat the recording and mixing process like a business decision and invest in working with someone who is already proven to provide success in that field. You will not regret it. 

There are hundreds of people online calling themselves mixing engineers these days, but less that have actually engineered professionally in a recording studio for a living, and even less that have actually worked on any successful records. 


I truly want to help you succeed and make the recording of your song sound competitive at the highest levels of the music business. 


I’m an expert at mixing, it’s the only thing I do and I’d love the chance to talk to you more about how I can help you get the sound you deserve for your music.

Ready for the next step?  Reach out and say hello to discuss your project

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